Saturday, November 18, 2017

Where do You Go to Find “Movers Near Me”?

A new website service has been created by Apartment Movers to help people looking for local movers in Texas, Arizona and Florida find local moving companies and apartments near them or a zip code they enter Many movers are listed near you and the search is free.

There are lots of reason people search for this and here are the Most common answers:

Question: Why do people search for movers near me on Google or Bing?

Answer 1: Movers near me would be familiar with the area and not waste time finding me or my new home

Answer 2: Movers near me will charge less because the trip charges and fuel charges to me will be less.

Answer 3: Movers near me will have lower hourly rates because I live in the suburbs where the rent and overhead will be lower.

Answer 4: Movers near me will be known to my friends and I can get some referrals.

Answer 5: Movers near me will be more likely to do a small move like mine because they do not have to waste time getting to my home.

Other questions that should be asked are:

Question: If you are not moving locally, do the movers have licenses to move you out of state (interstate moving)?

Answer: Must be yes and they should be able to provide a USDOT number that can be verified.

Question: What are the movers trip charges. Some movers charge a flat trip charge even if you are across the street?

Answer: Hint: Ask for a copy of the actual contract you will sign at the time of the move. Any fees in addition to the hourly charges or flat rate for moving will be in writing

Question: Do the movers have the equipment to move what you need moved? Pianos, safes, pool tables, artworks?

Answer: Just because the movers says they can move the item does not mean that it can be done safely and efficiently. Some items will take 3 or 4 movers and it may be more efficient to hire a piano or safe mover for example rather than have more movers.

Question: Do the movers have a flat rate that guarantees the total price of your move so that being local doesn’t matter?

Answer: Most movers do NOT have flat rates because when you are moved by the hour the longer it takes the more they make. On hourly moves there is no incentive for the movers to be efficient or fast. 76% of people choose flat rates when the movers offer them as an option.

Question: Where do I find movers near me?

Answer: To find movers near you select your City below or enter your zip code or select a city from the list. 

for more information contact or call (800) 929-MOVE

Question: Where are the most common cities for movers and apartments in Texas, Florida and Arizpona?

Answer: The most common searches for movers near me are:

Dallas, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Tampa, FL


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